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We have been in the area working with all forms of photography, video, and audio sense 1978. Our first computer was purchased in 1984. In addition to converting media to CD and DVD we also produce Green Screen presentations.

The Owner

The Reel HouseThe owner has been involved in photography since an early age. He has  used 8mm and Super8 film systems back in 1961-1970s. He still has one of the first portable VHS systems (unit and camera). The unit weighs 13 lbs and the camera weighs 3 lbs. He started developing film in 1967 and has adapted as technology progressed. He has been editing pictures and video since the first software hit the shelves. His standards are high and he believes in using the best available equipment.

He also is involved with underwater photography and underwater video as he has been a certified scuba diver sense 1967.