The Reel House is retiring. We have enjoyed great success in creating the best possible conversions to DVD for our clients. With me and my wife’s desire to start enjoying our retirement, I am closing The Reel House. I will be finishing up projects that are now in house but will no longer be accepting any new projects.

I do have other companies that I will recommend if you would like to contact us for that information. Please include what kind of service you are looking for (film, video tape, audio tape).

Thanks to all those whom memories I have had the pleasure to convert.

As of December 31st I will (for tax, state, credit card, and the such) stop doing business.

Thank you,
Sam Morehouse

Using the highest quality equipment, we convert 8mm film, Super8 Film, Super8 with sound, and 16mm onto High Definition DVDs.

We don’t just transfer the film’s audio and video – using the highest quality equipment – we convert it using the latest restoration methods.

Let us work with you to remove the unwanted material and preserve what you remember about your movies- the good parts, the good people, the good holidays and events.  Reclaim the memories of the Grandparents your kids never knew, and the images of the people behind the names you have told them about.  Pop the DVD into the player and go directly to “Grandpa’s Birthday 1958” or “Uncle Billy’s 1st Haircut, 1950”, and without wasting half an hour to setup and thread a broken projector and dig up a rusty old screen, you have accessed an even cleaner view of that memory.

See How We Restore Memories

We not only convert your 8mm, Super8, Super8 with sound* and 16mm film to DVD, we restore them to their original quality or better using the latest Restoration technology. We do not consider our services to just be a transfer service, we do so much more.

All 8mm, Super8, Super8 with sound and 16mm film is carefully cleaned and prepared before conversion in order to repair bad splices and to look for potential bad sprocket holes that might mar the quality of the transfer to the conversion equipment. After conversion, all footage is color and density corrected before going to  DVD, HD DVD or Blu-Ray disc.

The latest technology

We use the latest and most up to date equipment which features a unique PulseGate Technology. This offers the breathtaking clarity that can only come from frame by frame scanning in high definition. Every Super8, regular 8mm and 16mm frame of your footage is individually scanned directly to an HD camera using a CMOS sensor with almost 3 million pixels! The gate on our equipment is enlarged to give us access to 100% of the film frame and our unique, super bright, cool LED light source provides rich, vibrant colors with zero hot spot and no chance of burning film. Frame by frame scanning means your transfers are 100% flicker free, crystal clear and razor sharp from corner to corner.

All film is converted to 1080p High definition.

The Raw Video Files

Some of our clients have asked if they can get the raw video files and the answer to that is yes. You must send us a Windows NTSF or MAC formatted USB hard drive. A 250gig drive should be more than enough unless you have a lot of film. Figure 5gig per 50’ of film. The files are very large and will not fit onto a standard DVD.

Reading NTSF from MAC OS

* There is an additional editing charge for capturing the audio track on Super8 film and incorporating that audio track onto the DVD. No additional charge for 16mm sound film.

*Quality of film to DVD (8mm film to DVD, super 8 film to DVD and 16mm film to DVD) transfer and restoration is dependent upon condition of existing film stock; severely deteriorated original materials may be beyond the reach of even the most sophisticated restoration methods. Refunds are only given if a competitor can obtain better film transfer quality (defined by clarity, color, graininess and scratches) for a similar price (within 10% of ours). Under these fair terms, we’ve never had to give a refund.

** There is an additional editing charge for capturing the audio track on Super8 film and incorporating that audio track onto the DVD. No additional charge for 16mm sound film.

PLEASE NOTE:  Copyright laws do apply. It is legal for an individual to make or have made a single copy for his or her own use, provided the originals are owned by the individual. It is not legal to make multiple copies. The Reel House will not make a copy of music/audio with the intent of the customer making multiple copies.

The Reel House assumes that the customer has gained a legal copy of any materials sent to The Reel House.

The Reel House transfers records, tapes and other media for your own personal use only. Unless you own a commercial copyright, commercial use is illegal!!!!!!