Preserving your family history for generations to come

We don’t just transfer audio and video – using the highest quality equipment we convert it using the latest restoration methods. Let us work with you to remove the unwanted material and preserve what you remember about your movies- the good parts, the good people, the good holidays and events.  Reclaim the memories of the Grandparents your kids never knew, and the images of the people behind the names you have told them about.  Pop the DVD into the player and go directly to “Grandpa’s Birthday 1958” or “Uncle Billy’s 1st Haircut, 1950”, and without wasting half an hour to setup and thread a broken projector and dig up a rusty old screen, you have accessed an even cleaner view of that memory.

Film to DVD Conversion | Dallas, TX | Video to DVD Transfer Services | Dallas, TX

Video Conversion

Using the highest quality equipment, we convert 8mm film, Super8 Film, Super8 with sound**, and 16mm onto High Definition DVDs*. We can also transfer 8mm Tape, Hi8 Video Tape, T-20 also known as C tapes, VHS tapes, and Beta tapes onto Standard Definition DVDs*.

See How We Restore Memories

Converting Film to DVD | Film to DVD Transfer Services | Dallas, TXVHS Video Tape to DVD Transfer | Dallas, TX

Converting old film and tapes into lasting memories.

Converting home movies to DVD

*Quality of film or VHS tape to DVD (8mm film to DVD, super 8 film to DVD, 16mm film, and VHS tape to DVD) transfer and restoration is dependent upon condition of existing film stock or VHS tape; severely deteriorated original materials may be beyond the reach of even the most sophisticated restoration methods. Refunds are only given if a competitor can obtain better film transfer quality (defined by clarity, color, graininess and scratches) for a similar price (within 10% of ours). Under these fair terms, we’ve never had to give a refund.

** There is an additional editing charge for capturing the audio track on Super8 film and incorporating that audio track onto the DVD. No additional charge for 16mm sound film.

Audio Conversion

We convert audio Reel-to-Reel tapes, 8 Track Cassette, and Cassette Tapes to CDs. We can even create a custom playable CD with songs that you have provided, in the order you have selected.

 ** Copyright laws do apply. It is legal for an individual to make or have made a single copy for his or her own use, provided the originals are owned by the individual. It is not legal to make multiple copies. The Reel House will not make a copy of music/audio with the intent of the customer making multiple copies.

The Reel House assumes that the customer has gained a legal copy of any materials sent to The Reel House.

The Reel House transfers records, tapes and other media for your own personal use only. Unless you own a commercial copyright, commercial use is illegal!!!!!!

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