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The Reel House
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by Collins on The Reel House

Sam, I just wanted to let you know how much your digital files are being enjoyed here in Shreveport, as well as in Richardson. As soon as I got the files back to my daughter's house, I copied them to my laptop. Then I showed two of my daughters and my son several of them. It was the first time that two of them had ever seen their great-grandparents except in still photos, and that really meant a lot to them and to me.

Today I was able to show segments to four of my parents' closest friends, and they really enjoyed seeing them. Two of them were actually in the movies. I'm also planning to see one more couple from that group of friends tomorrow, if possible. This is only the beginning - I haven't been in touch with my aunt or any of my cousins yet.

I know that this type of story is part of your reason for being in the business, and I wanted to let you know how successful this initial effort has been. Thanks!

The raw files are so good that I will probably want to get copies of them, like I did this time, as soon as you finish with all of the latest batch of reels. There's no rush(except for my excitement about seeing them), and we should be in Dallas fairly often after my daughter's baby arrives in March. Just let me know when they're available.

Thanks again!

by Earl R. on The Reel House

The cover picture you captured from the film and placed on my wife's DVD is of her mother. I need to stop and pick up a box of Kleenex because I know this is going to make her cry. Thank you for doing this and thank you for spending the time to give us this kind of quality.

by Ian N. on The Reel House

Thank you so very much!! The results are great and I know my Dad and Mom will be very pleased, as they celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary next week! Well, we've got about a dozen more, so I will definitely be in contact with you sometime after next week. Thank You again!! I am very satisfied.

by Kay H. on The Reel House

I can't tell you what it means to me to have the CD’s of my wedding and my husband’s memorial service. You’ve given my husband’s voice back to me. I couldn't remember his voice, and it grieved me. Now I can hear it again. Thank you so much!

by Peter H. on The Reel House

I must say that I was very skeptical of The Reel House service given the prices and services from other companies compared to The Reel House. I searched for quite a while till I decided on another company and The Reel House to process a 400’ reel of film as a test. The other company cost more and wanted $5 pre splice to repair any broken film. What I got back from them was very disappointing. There was a scene where I was just to the left and they had cropped the frame where I wasn't even on the screen. No color correction of any kind, that wasn't even offered. When I saw what your company had done, on a 55” plasma TV I was dumb struck. The quality was beyond what I believed possible. You had done some color correction at no additional cost and you do not charge for repairing the film not to mention that I was fully visible in the scene that they had cropped me out of. I am handing over the rest of my family film and look forward to the completed project.

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