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The Reel House

Sam Morehouse, Owner of The Reel House

What sets us apart from all the others?

I have been asked many times what sets us apart from the others who transfer video and film. My first reply is that we do not TRANSFER video and film, we CONVERT video and film. I’ll get to that statement in a moment. The next thing that I say is more of a question.

Are you really willing to trust your recorded family history to a store where you can purchase meat and vegetables next to pool supplies and lawn furniture and who farmed out the process to the lowest bidder?

It’s simple, the only thing that we do is convert film and audio material onto DVD’s. Let’s get to what makes us different.

One difference is that we convert video and film and not transfer it. In transferring video you play the film on a deck or projector and while it is playing you transfer it using another piece of equipment such as a camcorder or another deck. For many companies, this is the end of the transfer process. What you get is what you had. If it’s dark or faded, your copy will be dark or faded. If you forgot that the camera was on and you have 10 minutes of sky or ground, well you get the picture.

To truly convert film takes special equipment and sophisticated software. In film, our equipment takes a single picture of every frame, one frame at a time with the latest High Definition camera. It’s called picture-to-picture conversion. It does not simply play the film and record it as it’s running. The preparatory software then combines these individual frames into a High Definition Video. At this point it’s ready to create a DVD.

But we take it to the next step. Using the same software that the movie industry uses today, we review and edit your video. We take out all the shy and ground shots. We clean up the transfer from scene to scene so there’s no glitches or blurs. We can correct lighting and color and with video tape, where there is sound, we can even adjust audio so a speaker on the other side of the room can be heard and more importantly be understood.


Here is a typical project for us. We took a persons 400 foot 8mm film, that their dad shot on a family vacation to Alaska in 1954 ( they were 9 years old and went on the trip) and created a High Definition DVD. Every frame is sharp and clear with vibrant color throughout the video. But that’s not all, we added music of their choosing to the background. Still we’re not done. We added their own narration to the video. What they now have to pass down to their kids is a DVD of their family vacation to Alaska in 1954 with music and narrated by a family member who was there. He told me that no one has seen that film sense 1956.

You maybe asking how all that worked. Well, I would love to tell you but I don’t want to give my competitors any of my ideas. No, you do not have to come to our studio. We can do that with anyone, anywhere in the world.

Another person did not want music or narration but they did want name captions to come up on the screen. When Uncle Billy was first seen, a caption came up on screen “Uncle Billy”. We can do that or put the names across from a picture at the end of your video. Just like credits at the end of a movie.

That is what really sets us apart from all the others.

We are willing to work with you to create a DVD that you will be proud of and want to hand down to your family members.