Reel to Reel to CD Conversion

Reel to Reel to CD Conversion Services

It’s time to convert that yesterday Reel to Reels to today’s long lasting CDs. Having first personally used Reel to Reel recorders in 1971 I have experience in handling and converting them onto playable CDs.  Each CD will include a CD case and artwork if so requested.

We can convert any Reel to Reel you send us as long as it has not degraded to the point of not being playable. We have top of the line Sony and Tech equipment. We will not charge for songs which can’t be transferred. Though, there is a minimum return shipping charge.

Custom artwork can be placed on CD when provided by client. Custom Editing charge applies.

You can find the cost for our service on our order form which, you can find by clicking the “Pricing” button on the left banner or the “Check For Pricing” button on the right banner. There is a minimum charge per CD. If you have just audio (family event, recorded letters, etc.) and don’t need the sections broken out into separate tracks then the charge is a flat fee per CD. If you have songs and need them broken out into individual tracks then the charge is per song. A single CD can hold up to 1 hour and 10 minutes. Keep in mind, you can’t fast forward with a CD so, if you have songs and don’t request for them to be broken out, you will not be able to skip from one song to the next. The CD will only play from the beginning to the end.

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