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We are more than happy to customize your personal DVD with your own customized menu. This is a service that we provide for a small additional fee which is located on the order form (a 2 hour DVD may have up to 24 scenes). Watch the video on our home page which will talk about custom menus.

We consider a DVD Menu to be one of the most important items that you should have on your DVD. It works just like the DVD movies that you may purchase or rent. Want to jump to a given scene, just go to the scene selection, and pick the scene and your there. Let’s take a look at a sample DVD.

This DVD has close to 2 hours of family history on it. Now lets say that your children, who are now grown or maybe your grandchildren come over an want to see their Great, Great or maybe another Great (your Great) grandmother. OK, you know that it is on the DVD, but were. Without a menu you will have to fast forward from the beginning to try and find it. With a Menu you simply pull up the scene selection, scroll over to the picture of Great Grandmother, and you are there. My uncle has a DVD that we produced from his 8mm film, which has menus. In 2009 he was 90 years old. He is able to show his Great Grandchildren their Great, Great, Great Grandmother. She was 90 years old when he filmed her in 1954, which means she was born one year before the end of the Civil War. Now, anyone can easily find that footage in the future.

To customize your menu, just tell us the topic type of menu that you would like to have on your DVD. Such as Kids Birthday, Wedding, Soccer, Baby Boy, etc. Place the topic on the order form along with the title for your menu (“The Smith Family 1954”). That’s all you have to do.

Menu Examples

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