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Film to DVD Transfer | Film to DVD Conversion | San Antonio, TX

We not only convert your film to DVD, we restore them to their original quality or better using the latest Restoration technology. We do not consider our services to just be a transfer service, we do so much more.

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All film is carefully cleaned and prepared before conversion in order to repair bad splices and to look for potential bad sprocket holes that might mar the quality of the transfer to the conversion equipment. After conversion, all footage is color and density corrected before going to  DVD, HD DVD or Blu-Ray disc.

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Converting Film to DVD | San Antonio, TXTransfer services available include:

  • 8mm Film DVD Transfer
  • Super8 Film to DVD Transfer
  • Super8 Film with Sound to DVD Transfer
  • 16mm Film to DVD Transfer
  • VHS to DVD Transfer

The latest technology

We use the latest and most up to date equipment which features a unique PulseGate Technology. This offers the breathtaking clarity that can only come from frame by frame scanning in high definition. Every Super8, regular 8mm and 16mm frame of your footage is individually scanned directly to an HD camera using a CMOS sensor with almost 3 million pixels! The gate on our equipment is enlarged to give us access to 100% of the film frame and our unique, super bright, cool LED light source provides rich, vibrant colors with zero hot spot and no chance of burning film. Frame by frame scanning means your transfers are 100% flicker free, crystal clear and razor sharp from corner to corner.

All film is converted to 1080p High definition.


by Collins on The Reel House

Sam, I just wanted to let you know how much your digital files are being enjoyed here in Shreveport, as well as in Richardson. As soon as I got the files back to my daughter's house, I copied them to my laptop. Then I showed two of my daughters and my son several of them. It was the first time that two of them had ever seen their great-grandparents except in still photos, and that really meant a lot to them and to me.

Today I was able to show segments to four of my parents' closest friends, and they really enjoyed seeing them. Two of them were actually in the movies. I'm also planning to see one more couple from that group of friends tomorrow, if possible. This is only the beginning - I haven't been in touch with my aunt or any of my cousins yet.

I know that this type of story is part of your reason for being in the business, and I wanted to let you know how successful this initial effort has been. Thanks!

The raw files are so good that I will probably want to get copies of them, like I did this time, as soon as you finish with all of the latest batch of reels. There's no rush(except for my excitement about seeing them), and we should be in Dallas fairly often after my daughter's baby arrives in March. Just let me know when they're available.

Thanks again!

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