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Digitize 35mm SlidesSo, you either have or have found some family slides but you don’t have a way to view them. If you are looking for a company that has been around for a while, has top of the line equipment, and will convert your slides the same way they (have) converted their own personal slides, then you are looking at the right web site. First let’s take a look at your options.

  1. Go on eBay and purchase a slide projector which may or may not work. Not a very good option
  2. Purchase a photo or bed scanner and convert them yourself. If you have a lot, I mean a whole lot of time this might be a valid option. A Few things to consider is the quality that you want your converted slides to be and how many slides you have, to offset the cost of the equipment.
  3. Have a company convert your slides for you. This could be your best option, at least we think so.

Why should you let The Reel House do the conversion? First off, we do not use a scanner of any kind. If you take a look below at the picture of our equipment, you will see that we photograph your slides just like they were photographed to start with. The camera’s lens that is photographing your slide is a very special lens that is only 4” from the slide’s surface. The slide has a pure white light behind it to project the true colors in the slide. The camera, without the lens is a $1,000 35mm camera which is used by professionals on photo shoots. The converted picture is a full frame 35mm picture, not a scanned image. Other companies that convert slides will talk about pixels per square inch. We refer to our conversion as photographic quality. The file that is saved onto a CD is a 5meg JPG file. You can enlarge these to a 24×28 and they will still look sharp and crisp. One more note, you can give us your slides loaded or unloaded in your own cartage and we will return them in the same way that we received them at no extra charge.

As I viewed some other sites I would like to make one last note, my mother always told me that in this world you always get what you pay for. If a deal looks too good to be true, chances are it is. I saw one web site where they would scan your slides, color correct them (by the way we do not) and let you pick the ones you wanted to pay for and did not have to pay for the others. Also, their charges per slides were one of the lowest that I saw. Bells, sirens, and red lights went off all around my head. How do they pay for their equipment, equipment use, labor time, and material cost? Please research the company you pick, and that includes us.

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